Recent Projects

Clocks Timeworx has installed or erected, whether customised or built from scratch.Timeworx can design and build clocks to order, to suit outdoor locations, and environments, and able to handle varying weather conditions.
Please ask for a quotation for your preferred design. Please contact Timeworx -below- for details.

Auckland Racing Club Totalisator Building 

ARC demolished the old building and built a new facade over new stables area reusing various parts of the old facade. Timeworx was asked to supply two new 1030mm diameter clocks one a standard analogue master slave configuration and the other a "presetable" clock using user touch screen, PLC, DC drive and motor gearbox to drive the hands to show the next race time. Race stewards can enter up to 20 races and have the clock drive forward to show each new race time in sequence.

Gulf Harbour Town Center Clock

After many years of having an unreliable clock Timeworx was asked to replace the master controller, slave movements and supply new full size hands.

Karaka Town Center Clock

This was a new development and included a four sided tower clock with illuminated dials. 

Timeworx provided design advise for the clients architects and supplied master controller, slave movements, hands and dials.

Kurow Museum Clock

The museum wanted a town clock with temperature gauge for locals and tourists when in town.

Timeworx was asked to design and build a double sided Victorian Railway style clock and integrate a digital temperature readout.

Kings College Auckland - Main building and Library clock replacement

Job comprised replacing the master clock controllers and slave movements in the two buildings plus overhaul of the bell striking equipment, sand blasting and powder coating the dials and hands.

Pakuranga Chiropractic clock

This clock was rebuilt by Timeworx with new 24v master controller, 2 new 24v slave movements, new hands and LED lighting. 

The case was sand blasted and repainted.

Station Clock –Two sided at Dannemora Retirement Village, Auckland. Dials are hand painted fiberglass reinforced plastic with hand painted numerals. 

The hands are hand beaten copper, lacquered yellow and then applied with gold leaf.


Takapuna Rotary 

This clock was custom made to Takapuna Rotary's own design in 304 stainless steel.

It uses a 230v minute pulse master controller and matching 230v slave movement.


Levin Council

The main street city clock required a full refurbishment. Timeworx supplied a new master controller, 4 new 230v slave movements,

new hands and 4 new LED digital temperature readouts to replace the analogue unit that had failed in previous years.


Central Park entrance 'Pylon' clock

Originally designed with an aerofoil shape, it has now been re-clad into a rectangular slab retaining original movements and controller.


Substantial 5 Time Zone Display - building advertising hoarding with world dime clocks