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Indoor and outdoor clocks, including tower clocks.

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Georg Rauscher Tower Clocks and clock faces and                                                    Mechanical clock movement


For four generations the Rauscher family of Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany have been supplying tower clock movements to cities throughout Europe. When high quality and reliable outdoor clock solutions are required, Georg Rauscher Turmuhernfabrik GmbH have the designs.

Having been in business for over 80 years, Georg Rauscher have a huge depth of experience supplying clocks from 500 mm, to adorn house gable ends, to four faced tower clocks -with 6000 mm dials. Traditional and modern designs are available, gold leafed hands are a specialty. 
Georg Rauscher have a wide range of movements and controllers for most outdoor clock requirements, designed to take the rigors of 24hour operation, year in year out - all weathers including high winds, ice and snow!! 
Three year warranty is standard for all clock movements.

Now available through Timeworx, we offer the following Georg Rauscher clock components:- 
 Clock movements for small public clocks 
 Clock movements for single and multiple dial tower clocks 
 Hand painted traditional and modern dials 1000 to 5000 mm diameter 
 Hand made traditional hand sets in either painted finish or 24 carat gold leaf 
 Modern hand sets in powder coated steel or stainless steel 
 Clock controllers for single clock and multi clock control 

Please email us with your requirements.

Things to consider:- 
 -Will the clock be installed inside or outside 
 -Dial diameter 
 -Hand design - modern or traditional 
 -Use of complete dial or just marks to indicate time 
 -Roman or Arabic numerals 
 -Lighting for the dials 
 -Number of dials required 
 -Weather conditions at the site - excess wind, salt air, etc. 
 -Access to site 
 -Thickness of dial 
 -Power supply and placement for the controller 
 -Other clocks or plant (heating, bellstrike etc.) to be controlled by the controller

View the Georg Rauscher Turmuhernfabrik GmbH site here.